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Carnival in the Undergrowth

Carnival in the Undergrowth

at Bridge Farm, Bristol

Welcome to the world of the Carnival - a place of liberation where chaos, humour, unordinary politics and free expression guide us in celebration and shared possibilities to reimagine the future. Carnivals around the world provide a rare opportunity to step outside the confines of ordinary life, becoming your wildest and most natural self! On this wonderful winters' day, the community of East Bristol came together, immersing one another in explorative visual arts, creative workshops, fresh food, live music, and otherworldly performances.

From 12 midday until 4pm, we hosted a selection of exciting workshops and games, including Mask Making (by Emily Unsworth White, Alice Pastous, and resident Lupa), Sound Gathering Nature Walk with Sound Mapping Communal Painting (residents Tom and Gina), Mycology Meditation (Llama of Bristol Myco-lective), Dance Movement (Malena Grilli), and the Battle of the Species (Liv and Sky of Many Minds).

Moving into the twilight hours, we began our ritual and performance sessions, with a Seed Sowing Ceremony (Tom featuring The Sun Totem by Fiona Tabastot), Experimental Percussion with Birdsong (Magda Onatra), Treeluzant (Georgia, Gayle Gold, & Malena Grilli), Action Painting (Francesca Citarella), and Dance with Fireside Storytelling (Jo Freeman, Danni Balla, Dominic Rowan).

With the fires lit and the pizzas flowing, the evenings live music sessions rounded off the day, with performances from Silky Disturbance, Flamenco Immigrants, every rose and starground, and our resident DJ, Lupa, all accompanied by the stunning visual projections of Heena Song.

A huge thank you goes out to all who helped make the Carnival in the Undergrowth possible! We especially want to shout-out our amazing crew of volunteers, facilitators, and performers for all the amazing work they put in.


We are immeasurably grateful to this amazing community that supports us, we're so glad you could all be with us for the Carnival, and we hope to see you all again in the Undergrowth very soon!

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