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Carnival in the Undergrowth

Carnival in the Undergrowth

Sunday 5th March, at Bridge Farm, Bristol

Thank you all for making the Carnival in the Undergrowth possible! A huge shout-out to our amazing crew of volunteers, facilitators, and performers. We are unmeasurably grateful to this amazing community that supports us, we hope you all enjoyed the Carnival, and we hope to see you all again in the Undergrowth very soon.


This page will shortly be updated with media from the event! If you have any photos you'd wish to share with us, please email or use our contact page. Stay tuned!


Welcome to the world of the Carnival - a place of liberation where chaos, humour, unordinary politics and free personal expression guide us in celebration and shared possibilities to reimagine the future. Themes of the carnival can be interpreted in many ways, revolving and evolving around the natural world, its ongoing narrative legacies and its essential ability to uplift and inspire the blossoming of our communities.

Carnivals around the world provide a rare opportunity to step outside the confines of ordinary life, becoming your wildest and most natural self! Our events seek to dissolve the boundaries between audiences and artists and we always encourage participant interaction, fancy dress, shared creativity and self expression. This communal day included explorative visual arts, creative workshops, fresh food, live music, and otherworldly performances, checkout the lineup below! 

✦ 12noon - 4pm : WORKSHOPS and GAMES - Mask Making, Nature Walk with Sonic Mapping, Dance Movement, Mycology Meditation, and Carnival Games!

✧ 4pm - 6pm : RITUAL and PERFORMANCE - Seed Sowing Ceremony, Experimental Percussion and Birdsong by Magda Onatra, Dance performance by Jo Freeman, Action Painting, Fire, and more! 

✦ 6pm - 9:45pm : LIVE MUSIC and DJ - Flamenco Immigrants, Silky Disturbance,  

every rose & starground, with a closing set by our resident DJ Lupa. Featuring Interactive Ink Projections by Heena Song.

✧ ALL DAY -  Fresh wood fired pizzas, soup and salad from the Bridge Farm Kitchen, cakes, snacks, fungi brews, teas, coffee and a drinks bar. 

✹ See you again in the Undergrowth very soon! ✹

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