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Undergrowth is both an open platform and a collaboration of artists, makers, activists, ecologists, teachers and passionate people, united by the collective motivation to celebrate the arts as an unbreakable bridge between the public and the teachings of nature. Our work aims to blurr the boundary between audience and performer though accessible workshops, installations, and performances. We deliver immersive and interactive experiences, to stimulate new sensations, inspire awareness, and most importantly - to empower communities.


Our events aim to engage and support communities, tackling systematic and social injustices, encouraging radical action and generating proactive conversation. Collaboration is essential for the community we have nurtured here in the Undergrowth, and we are always looking to expand our network, meet new people and create incredible new worlds together. If you have a project or idea you would like to bring to life, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

The Undergrowth is a mysterious and magical place. For us, Undergrowth serves as a metaphor for the nourishing power and deep diversity of life that arises from below, flourishing in the shade yet growing and blossoming ever towards the light. Our collective explores the concept of the Undergrowth as both a real and metaphorical place, and we welcome all to discover and create along with us. Click here to check out our past work and events!

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