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An event to fundraise for the Ukrainan humanitarian appeal, DRIFT KYIV.

A day of both recognition and release of the intense emotions we may be carrying, in order to establish and nurture a sense of peace and humility within ourselves and for one another during these times of turmoil. Channelling and transforming our fear and anger into hopefulness and strength.

In light of ongoing and intensifying world affairs, we united a diverse range of performers, activists, and practitioners within a creative and sympathetic environment to discuss our present situation, past experiences, an uncertain future, and how we might move forwards personally and collectively, with courage and compassion.

This event was made possible thanks to the collaboration of dozens of London based artists. We want to sincerely thank everyone who made this possible and to help us to make a great donation to DRIFT KYIV during Ukraine's time of need. 

Performers were Mirrored Fatality, Charles Jimenez , Melika, and Kirill, Every Rose and Estella Walker, Kitten and Cosmic Caz, Magda Onatra, Twodogs Ho, Dieter Vlasich, I Grilli, and our resident Lupa.

Workshops and talks were held by Sophie, Mango and Samar, and Palestine Action.

Photography and videography was provided by Heena Song, Yiling Zhao, and Veronika.

Special Thanks go to Jack Howard, Andrea Aldibek, Laura Macij, La Cher, Stanley Box, and Oli.

And finally, huge thanks to Olha and JP of DRIFT KYIV for their strength and inspiration.

Love and rage, the Undergrowth X

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