With CREATION: A Philanthropic Enterprise, we curated  a fantastical journey within which we explored our desire to create and what that desire gifts us.

Gourmet food and cocktail creations alike will tickle your tastebuds.

Our event aimed to give a taste of what we are all about; how we involve all five senses within each work of art, and how we believe in the possibility of creating imaginary spaces using purely organic means.

Bringing people together to help us gather funds for The Dew Drop, our next immersive experience:

The Dew Drop is an interactive installation, taking you on a guided journey through the inner workings of the majestical and mysterious dew drop. It is both our poetic expression and exploration of the concept of morning dew and an interactive experience exploring the biology behind the creation of dew.
Realised in human scale, it includes ritualistic elements, multi- sensory stimulation and hands-on participation in the exploration of the concept, and will offer daily workshops.


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