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Entering DEWDROP you will perform a ritual tailored to your soul.

Through the powers and properties of water you can catch the morning light.

 Focusing on inner body rhythms you will become part of an initiation.

 A gift to all your senses that will awaken hidden sensations, causing something to emerge that was once dormant. 

We want you to experience a bubble that can feed and protect your core.

You can look further.

You can breath in deeper.

Touch, taste and move to the voice of a droplet.

 Based on a immersive play by

 Gianluca Gasparini & Lucrezia Chiarle

Videomaking : Lucrezia Chiarle

Editing: Lucrezia Chiarle, Francesca Sofia Allegra

Music: Isadora Otoni

Food maker: Antonio Alderuccio

Performer: Margherita Zompa

Graphics: Lucrezia Chiarle

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