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Let Us Grow

In November 2019, in direct response to the crisis of wild fires blazing across the Amazon Rainforest, we crafted a fundraiser event entitled 'Let Us Grow - A Psychomagic Act'.


A psychomagic act is a healing path using the power of dreams, theatre, poetry, music and indigenous wisdom. We teamed up with Grow Tottenham, a culturally significant yet threatened venue in North London, as well as The Rainforest Trust, Survival International and The Rainforest Alliance to craft a day of workshops, sound healing, puppetry, dance, performance, music, artistic exhibition, an art auction and much more.

We welcomed audiences in to a multidisciplinary and multi-sensorial immersive environment where we collectively celebrated the life, mourned the losses and raised awareness towards the Amazon Rainforest, its people and those who fight to protect it.

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