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Tour DE

In the summer of 2022, the Undergrowth crew set sail for Italy, with our mobile theatre, Rhonda, packed to the rafters with puppets, paints, and stories. Travelling over land, sea, and mountain, we arrived in Val Di Susa, Piemonte, the site of prominent political movements and a long term struggle for land, ecology, and humanity. Through listening to the experiences of the local community, and their vibrant tales of resistance, land occupation, refugee solidarity, and collective struggle, we developed a collaborative and interactive puppet show that celebrated the unique story of their valley.

Visiting different community centres, high streets, and markets, we invited people young and old to participate and share. A diverse set of creative workshops were designed to facilitate the community to express their relationship with the valley, and realise their dreams for its future, through painting, voice recordings, puppet making, and performative acts.  


Our tour culminated in a series of interactive puppet shows featuring three flying creatures, each bound to undergo a trial of resistance before once again finding their wings. This tale of community strength took inspiration from the stories of the people of the valley, featuring live music, crowd participation, a multidimensional set, and a final act which was created by the local community itself during the previous workshops.

The Tour De Resistance was made by Lucrezia Chiarle, Gina Umney, Naomi Scott, Stanley Box, Tom O'Shea, Berenice Courtin, and Yiling Zhao, with the help of the community of Val Di Susa. Special thanks go to Granja Farm, Casa Clapie, Caza Feu, and the people of the NoTAV and NoBorders movements.

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