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Unveiling The Undergrowth presents, in a collaboration with Unvale, an integrated theatrical and reflective space to honour the dualities within ourselves and of our extended lives this new year 2022 within sensorial stimulations, performative acts, theatrical and musical activities. 

The audience is invited to metamorph through a journey which encouraged to fully immerse within the safe space of our theatrical dynamics.

The inspiration for your transformation and for the event comes from the 5 elements

Water, Fire, Earth, Air, Eather and their duality.

Activities will channel transformation through play, creation, performative activities, sound healing and gong baths, into live music and finally a liberatory Dance and Rave-from planet Earth into Space. From light to dark and back in the eternal spinning motion. Our event will celebrate nature and possibilities beyond what is visible.


Residents Lupa & Tom prepared an audio-visual piece for the event , an elemental journey through the Undergrowth. Mixing together images captured around London, natural sounds and live tools such as the frequencies of water when spinning a finger around the rim of a glass.

The project unifies experimental Djing and Vjing in a war and a dance between the natural and human worlds, culminating in the conception of a new realm of flourishing symbiosis~~~

Click on the Soundcloud for the audio and on the video below for the full journey.

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